Will You Join the Day of the Little Way?

Have you heard the news? St. Therese of Lisieux loves Twitter! (We think she does, anyway.)

In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI called social media the “digital continent,” and said to those active in the digital landscape: “Be sure to announce the Gospel to your contemporaries with enthusiasm.”

Yet, it is so easy to forget to be enthusiastic about the Gospel on social media. So often, our Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with heart wrenching news reports, snarky commentaries, mindless chatter, and pictures of grumpy cats. But the digital continent provides an opportunity for all of us to unite our voice of faith and reach out in new and creative ways. Perhaps a creative approach to our social media presence was what Pope Benedict meant when he encouraged us to announce the Gospel “with enthusiasm.”

Of course, Pope Benedict isn’t alone in his understanding of the digital world as a new frontier for the New Evangelization. Pope Francis continues to use the Twitter handle established by Pope Benedict, @Pontifex, and reaches millions of people around the world every time he sends out 140 little characters of faith.

It was the 140 little characters that got us thinking about social media and St. Therese in a new way. 140 characters isn’t a lot–but they have the potential for enormous reach. That’s why we think St. Therese would love Twitter. It’s 140 little–but powerful–characters!

What would happen if Catholics decided to unite their voice of faith under one hashtag on Twitter, just for one day? Can you imagine how God might use something as simple as a hashtag to reach people with love and hope?

We decided to try it! On February 4, 2014, Image Books is hosting the Day of the Little Way. All day long, Catholics are encouraged to tweet, using the Little Way of St. Therese as both a guide and a hashtag. By tweeting your personal #LittleWay stories, quotes, prayers, and inspirations all day long on Feb. 4, you can take an active part in the New Evangelization in a way that has never been seen before on social media!

The Day of the Little Way was inspired by a lovely little book by the late Bishop Patrick Ahern, Three Gifts of Therese of Lisieux, which releases on Feb. 4. In his book, Bishop Ahern says that St. Therese left the world with three invaluable gifts: her Universal Appeal, her Conviction, and of course, her Little Way. In celebration of the release of his book, the Day of the Little Way is meant to encourage Catholics everywhere to embrace these three gifts in their own lives–starting with their social media accounts.

Interested in joining the #LittleWay movement? There are so many ways you can help! Please visit the Little Way Resources page to learn more.


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