PRESS RELEASE: Paul Among the People by Sarah Ruden

Paul Among the People (Image Books, Aug. 2, 2011) explores the writings of Paul–the evangelist regarded by Christians as the greatest interpreter of Jesus’ mission–to show how they might have affected readers in his own time and culture.

Reinterpreting Apostle Paul and His Writings

Rather than an enemy of human freedom and dignity, Ruden writes that Paul and the Christian church he helped to spread represented a new alternative to old ways of thinking, feeling, and living, based on the principles of human freedom and dignity and the need for people to love one another.

She takes on some of Paul’s most controversial writings including the role of women in the church, homosexuality, slavery and love. Ruden translates passages from ancient Greek and Roman literature, from Aristophanes to Seneca, setting them beside famous and controversial passages of Paul and their key modern interpretations.


SARAH RUDEN was educated at the University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard. She has translated four books of classical literature, among them The Aeneid, and is the author of Other Places, a book of poetry. She is a visiting scholar at Wesleyan University and lives with her husband in Middleton, Conn.


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