INTERVIEW: Celebrating Mother Angelica, Raymond Arroyo Talks About Their Friendship

Raymond Arroyo and Mother Angelica

Mother Angelica is turning 90 this coming Saturday, April 20th. In honor of her birthday, Image Books is celebrating through excerpts of her books, a 90 Books for 90 Years giveaway, and an exclusive interview with her friend and biographer, Raymond Arroyo.

Today, we’re offering a sneak peek of the interview with Raymond Arroyo, as he announces an exciting event with EWTN in this bit. Check back here on Saturday for the full interview!

Image Books:

Mother Angelica turns 90 on April 20th. Do the sisters have anything special planned for her birthday? Is EWTN planning anything?

Raymond Arroyo:

I spoke with Mother Angelica and a few of the nuns earlier today.  They tell me they have a slew of practical presents for her, there will be a special Mass at the monastery on the 20th, and they are planning to give Mother some of her favorite foods on her birthday (including angel hair pasta and meatballs as well as vanilla ice cream and fruit–which she adores). EWTN is airing 90 hours of Mother Angelica’s shows.  My show, The World Over, will feature interviews with two of Mother’s nuns who live with her and have cared for her for years.  I’ll also share my own remembrances of Mother on the April 18th show (8PM Live).  EWTN Live will also feature a round table celebration before the big day.


Check back Saturday for the full interview with Raymond Arroyo! And join us every day next week as we celebrate Mother Angelica’s amazing 90 years of life!

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