Quiz: Catholic Celebrations

Today we’re going to check your general knowledge of the Catholic feasts.


1. What is the Latin word for weekday?

a. Feria

b. Dominus

c. Diem


2. What is the highest degree of Christian celebration?

a. The taking of the Sacraments

b. Solemnity

c. Confession


3.  What are Solemnities called that are considered important enough tha attendance is obligatory?

a. Solemnities Improviso

b. The Elevated Solemnities

c. Holy Days of Obligation


4. What is a period of eight days, marked in the beginning by a Feast?

a. Season

b. Octave

c. Cycle


5. What is the term for a period that commemorates and celebrates the great mysteries of Christ?

a. Cycle

b. Confession

c. Virgil


6. What Solemnity is unique to Ireland?

a. The Feast of the Famine

b. St. Patrick’s Day

c. The Exhaltation of Peter


To learn more about the Catholic calendar check out Cardinal Donald Wuerl and Mike Aquilina’s new book The Feasts available now.



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